25 Inspiring Butterfly Logo Designs

Animals Logos are identifiable everywhere. Here list of 25 Examples of Beautiful Butterfly Logo Designs. This collection is very useful for those who would want to get some butterfly logo design.

Butterfly Logo

By: yuzmy
A logo design which can be used by any company who’s involved in colorful or cheerful environment.



by logobunny

Butterfly and leaves.



by maximalist

Models agency from Canary Island


Roberto Grandes

By: TamerOkail
A logo design created for a Dutch design firm.


Butterfly Logo

by Type08

Breakfast (nutrition) blog.


Pastel Fly

By: anghelaht
A colorful logo which can be used by companies in the fields as: eco-friendly environment, design services, art, etc.



by pickalogo



A great mark which can be used for fashion and nature.


Butterfly Logo

By: survivor
A branding logo which can be used in multiple purposes for any kind of company.


8th Butterfly Logo

By: contrast8
A logo design which is perfect for a design company.



By: Oleg
A great logo design which is ideal for children’s tv channel.


Butterfly Effect Logo

by ideoma

concept – butterfly effect logo, kupu means butterfly in javanese


Helfman B

By: notjelly
A logo mark which was designed for a center for the treatment of eating disorders.



by jennyb

This was a contest entry for a childrens photographer.


Butterfly Ventures

by webcore 

Aiding new businesses.


Lojas Viva

by burocratik


Scandinavian Beauty

By: rebirthmedia
A logo designed for a beauty salon in Amsterdam.


Bicyclette v2

By: george.wood
A logo design which is ideal for a bicycle manufacturer.



By: mazalix
A logo design which is perfect for health & beauty companies, psychian, or any eco-friendly related.



A logo design which is good for an all in hobby or craft shop where you can find everything you need from buttons, beads, yarns, strings, ribbons etc.


Butterfly Code

By: applex
A logo design which is suitable for beauty, blogs, fashion, finance, software companies, travel agencies.


Domitila Restaurante Cafe

By: Carlos Iglesias
A great logo design for a restaurant and cafe store.


Butterfly Fashion Design

By: omeruysal
A logo created for a fashion design company.



By: leethal
A logo design for a Limerick based management company.


Butterfly – Swimming School

By: Gogiel
A logo which was designed for a local swimming school.