30 Dark and Spooky Photography

Here, we are presenting a collection of dark and spooky photography. To capture a spooky photo you need to throw your viewers off-balance. Blood and gore don’t fall into this category. Spooky is all about suggesting danger and fear. Playing on people’s fears is one way to do this. Some of the most common fears are of the dark, of spiders, and of the unknown.  this creates the perfect environment for spooky photography. In this post, I’ve gathered up 30 spooky photographs.

Wolves are Withering

I am Jack’s Inflamed Sense of Rejection

In the crop at night



Deadly Sorrow 

Dear Death

fog in the forest

Letter from silent heaven


Lost In my Agony

Still I go by zombiex495

Three Hundred Sixty


after midnight9

a rose between her teeth

Clown Project Teaser 1 

dark blue world

Face your fear, face the darkness



Passed Life II

Haunted – playground

Let Me Out


Solitary Mourner 

Where The Dreams Came From 

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