3D Magical Art Special Paintings Exhibition

Visitors to the art gallery in Shenyang China. One of their current exhibitions presents a new collection of 3D paintings that ask you to be a part of the picture. Over 50 works of art were displayed at the 3D gallery in Tianjin, China.


A girl pretends to brush the teeth of a hungry hippo in one of the 3D paintings


An incredible 3D picture of fishes is one of the exhibits which are being shown of gallery in Shenyang, China.


A giant 3D picture of Chinese martial arts legend Bruce Lee


A young boy pretends to be soaked under a stunning 3D picture of an elephant


Two children play next to a giant 3D picture of a giant dinosaur on October 19, 2013 in Shenyang, China.


A man poses with a giant 3D picture of a snake as part of an exhibition in China


A girl poses for a photo with a 3D painting during a 3D painting exhibition on October 19, 2013 in Shenyang, China.