25 Amazing Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Long-exposure photography or time-exposure photography involves using a long-duration shutter speed to sharply capture the stationary elements of images while blurring, smearing, or obscuring the moving elements. The technique of ‘light painting’ is the use of a long exposure while moving a light through a dark scene, recording the light source’s path, or shining light onto objects in the frame to highlight them. here collection of some inspired long exposure photography.

London Spinning

London Spinning- Photo By vulture labs

Eiffel Tower  – Long Exposure Photography 

Darkness and Peace – Photo By TheFella

Tate Modern 

Tate Modern, Long Exposure Photography Photo By vulture labs


S-Bend, Long Exposure Photography Photo By fjny

A Colourful Night

A Colourful Night, Photo By colinhcameron

KFOG KABOOM in the Fog

KFOG KABOOM in the Fog, Photo By A Sutanto

Moonrise – Baily Lighthouse – Dublin 

Long Exposure Photography, Moonrise – Baily Lighthouse – Dublin, Photo By angus clyne

Braigh Light Trails – Explored 

Braigh Light Trails – Explored, Photo By colinhcameron

London 2012-Long Exposure

London 2012, Photo By Ray Wise

Tidal Defences – Long Exposure Photography

Tidal Defences, Photo By Billy Currie

Disney – Illimunations – Reflections of Earth, Photo By Express Monorail

Malookhtinsky bridge

Malookhtinsky bridge  Photo by Sergey Louks

Bright Atlanta – Long Exposure Photography

Bright Atlanta, Photo By Nrbelex

Golden Gate & Full Moon, Panorama 

Photo by MumbleyJoe

Glowing wheel 

Photography by Sara Heinrichs

Forsyth Park Fountain

Night Photography – Long Exposures By mahoganylenz

Time to choose the right colours

Photo by andreas n

Long Exposure Photography 

Los Vilos, Chile-By Miguel Berríos Hidalgo

London Light Track 

London Light Track, photo By vulture labs

Through The Square Window

Photography by Dave Brightwell

Tran Phu street by night

Tran Phu street by night, Photo By Dương Hài Cốt

Downtown Los Angeles

Long Exposure Photography By James Larieau

Prepare For Warp Speed 

Photo By Ring of Fire Hot Sauce 1

Wreck of the Sygna 

photo by brentbat 

Overpass Long Exposure 

Overpass Long Exposure by alexwise

Knapp’s Castle, Electrified