40+ Free Wood Textures for Designers

In this post, we attempt to showcase of Free High Resolution Wood Textures for designers. Wood textures are particularly common in graphic design and web design. Today, we are featuring a new Collection of 40+ free high quality Wood Textures for use in your own design work.

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Wood Texture


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Wood Texture with 5 Colors

Wood Floors

Aged Paint Wood Panel Texture

Free Wood Texture

High Res Wood Textures

Scratch Panel Wood Texture

Stained Panels


Stapled Wood

Tileable Wood Texture

Tileable Wood Texture

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Wood Texture 3-Hardwood

Bg Texture Wood


Wood Scratched Closeup



Wooden Plank Closeup

Wood Fine Grain

45 Wood Textures

Wood Big Eyes Saw Marks

Wood Uncut

Rough Wood

Mild Wood

Wood Closeup

Valle old wood texture

Free Wood Texture

Wide Brown Wood


Wood Texture




Wood Texture

Close-up Texture – 8

Dark Wood

Plastic Walnut Wood Design

Painted Wood

Woodchip Dirty Closeup

Wood Eye Split