Adobe Photoshop CC Visual Keyboard Shortcut Webapp

Adobe Shortcut Mapper was made a free webapp that runs dynamically on JavaScript. You set the program(Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign) and the key mapper outlines what each key represents and its primary function.

This Adobe CC project is based on a similar shortcut mapper on GitHub built by Waldo Bronchart. His map includes dozens of different programs (Photoshop, Lightroom, Autodesk Maya etc) but it also has a slightly smaller interface which is a bit difficult to read from a distance.

You can switch between Windows, OS X, and Linux keyboards based on whichever OS you’re running.

photoshop cc visual shortcut keyboard webpage

The most common modifier keys are Shift, Alt, CTRL/Control, and the OS key(Apple key/Windows key). You can actually press & hold any of these keys while on the site and your keyboard map will change accordingly.

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photoshop cc visual shortcut keyboard webpage 2


Autocomplete Search

For example, I want to find how to cycle through the pen tools.

I know hitting the “p” key gets me the pen tool, but how do I cycle through them without needing my mouse? Well go down to the search bar and type “cycle” – an autocomplete list pops up with tons of results.

photoshop cc visual shortcut keyboard Autocomplete Search

Scroll through the autocomplete box until you find the shortcut for cycle pen tool. In this case it’s SHIFT+P – great! No need to guess by hitting a bunch of keys hoping to find the answer.