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25 Funny Print Advertising with Animals

Today’s showcase of print advertisements uses animals to attract the attention of viewers. This round-up of 25 cute and funny animals print ads that will make you laugh.

Science Diet Dog Food: For healthy digestion

Funny-ads-with-animals-1 funny-ads-with-animals-2Advertising agency: JWT, Sydney, Australia

Nutri Balance: Bad food, bad dog

funny-ads-with-animals-2-1 funny-ads-with-animals-2-2funny-ads-with-animals-2-3Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R Santiago, Santiago, Chile

Lifebuoy Hand Wash: You eat what you touch

funny-ads-with-animals-3-1 funny-ads-with-animals-3-2Advertising agency: Lowe Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh: Fresher breath than yours

funny-ads-with-animals-4-1 funny-ads-with-animals-4-2Advertising Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf, Germany

Olympus Binoculars: Optical Zoom

funny-ads-with-animals-5-1 funny-ads-with-animals-5-2Advertising Agency: JWT Sydney, Australia

Timotei Styling Mousse: Lion

funny-ads-with-animals-6Advertising agency: JWT, Paris, France

RSPCA: Show us some love. We’ll return the favour

funny-ads-with-animals-7-1 funny-ads-with-animals-7-2Advertising Agency: GPY&R, Brisbane, Australia

The Sunday Times’ Rich List 2014

funny-ads-with-animals-8-1 funny-ads-with-animals-8-2 funny-ads-with-animals-8-3Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK

Protex Soap: Invisible antibacterial barrier

funny-ads-with-animals-9-1 funny-ads-with-animals-9-2 funny-ads-with-animals-9-3Advertising agency: Y&R, Bogota, Colombia

McDonald’s: The Real Milkshake


Advertising Agency: DDB Helsinki, Finland

TOP Magazine: In his next life, even Bill Gates could come back as a llama

funny-ads-with-animals-11 funny-ads-with-animals-11-2

Advertising Agency: ALMAPBBDO, Brazil

Purina Dog Food: Dog helicopter


Advertising Agency: Publicis, Montreal, Canada

Hyundai Israel: 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 sec


Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R, Tel Aviv, Israel

Pedigree: Dog training

funny-ads-with-animals-13-1 funny-ads-with-animals-13-2

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Frederick, Chile

Schick Razors: Free your skin

funny-ads-with-animals-14-1 funny-ads-with-animals-14-2 funny-ads-with-animals-14-3

Advertising Agency: Y&R Auckland, New Zealand

Google: Did you mean “battleship?”


Advertising Agency: Grey, Istanbul, Turkey

National Geographic Collection


Advertising Agency: Heads, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Whiskas: Feeding your cat’s instincts

funny-ads-with-animals-17 funny-ads-with-animals-17-2

Advertising agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, UK

Nutrivet: They don’t like it any more than you do.


Advertising Agency: Publicis, Bucharest, Romania

Witte Molen: Turns Birdie into man’s best friend

funny-ads-with-animals-20-1 funny-ads-with-animals-20-2 funny-ads-with-animals-20-3

Advertising Agency: DDB&Co, Turkey

Eukanuba: Everybody wants to be a dog

funny-ads-with-animals-21 funny-ads-with-animals-21-2 funny-ads-with-animals-22-3

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Romania

Cepêra Extra Strong Pepper Sauce: Makes your barbecue deliciously hot

funny-ads-with-animals-23-1 funny-ads-with-animals-23-2 funny-ads-with-animals-23-3

Advertising agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil

Braun: Precision Trimmer

funny-ads-with-animals-24-1 funny-ads-with-animals-24-2

Advertising Agency: Staudinger + Franke

People who abuse animals deserve a tough judge

funny-ads-with-animals-25-1 funny-ads-with-animals-25-2 funny-ads-with-animals-25-3

Advertising Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland