Baby Dressed Up as Popular TV Show Characters

Photographer Karen Abad was cooped up with a good friend and her good friend’s adorable baby Olive and so what else was there to do but dress Olive up as various television show characters.

TV show characters like Hannah Horvath (Girls), Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones), Detective Rust Cohle (True Detective) Walter White (Breaking Bad) and Francis Underwood (House of Cards).

Baby-dress-up-KarenAbad1 Baby-dress-up-KarenAbad2 Baby-dress-up-KarenAbad3 Baby-dress-up-KarenAbad4 Baby-dress-up-KarenAbad5 Baby-dress-up-KarenAbad6 Baby-dress-up-KarenAbad7