Hipsters Are Decorating Their Beards With Christmas Ornaments

They’re called Beard Baubles, and they’re more or less what they sounds like—Christmas ornaments for beards. But we can’t hate on them too much because they’re actually for a good cause. This new hipster fashion trend is actually part of a charity drive to raise money for Beard Season, a non-profit social campaign against melanoma, based in Australia. All proceeds go toward the charity.


So far they’ve been a sterling success. Beard Baubles—which cost $7.80 for a pack of 14—have completely sold out online. Fortunately they’ll be back in stock no later than December 11th. Scroll down to see what it looks like when hipster dudes decorate their beards like Christmas trees.

Beard-Baubles-Hipsters-Christmas-Decorations-1 Beard-Baubles-Hipsters-Christmas-Decorations-2 Beard-Baubles-Hipsters-Christmas-Decorations-3 Beard-Baubles-Hipsters-Christmas-Decorations-4

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