10 Before And After Drawings Show Practice Makes Perfect

It’s simple and easy to become skilled at something, it’s just the consistent practice which is difficult. Nowhere is this more obvious than in drawing and illustration, where an understanding of proportions and proper technique can turn a crude circle with lines into a detailed face.

This list of before and after pictures shows the dramatic difference practice makes. However, this list is not final…


Drawing Progress Over The Last Few Years

drawing-skills-progress-before-after-1 drawing-skills-progress-before-after-1-2

7 Years Of Progress

drawing-skills-progress-before-after-2 drawing-skills-progress-before-after-2-2

Progression From 2 Years Old To 25

drawing-skills-progress-before-after-3 drawing-skills-progress-before-after-3-3

Eye Drawing Progress In 3 Years



About 8 Years Of Progress



Practice Pays Off



The Difference 2 Years Of Practice Makes



5 Years Of Progress

drawing-skills-progress-before-after-8 drawing-skills-progress-before-after-8-1


I Think My Style Changed A Bit



My Drawing Progression From Age 12 To 14