New Study Highlights The Benefits of Motorcycle Riding for Veterans

There really isn’t anything quite like the freedom of riding your motorcycle down a lonely back road, secluded from the rest of the world. 

This past year, researchers at UCLA looked beyond the straightforward pleasures associated with riding a motorcycle and have found strong evidence supporting its genuine therapeutic benefits. 

These findings are uniquely beneficial to veterans, who oftentimes return home and struggle to reintegrate back into civilian life. 

The study brought forth these key statistics:

  • Riding decreased stress hormone production by 28%
  • Riding a motorcycle for an average of 20 minutes increased heart rates to levels similar to that of exercise
  • The sensory focus was boosted in similar levels to those who meditate
  • Increased alertness similar to that of a drinking a cup of coffee

While these findings may seem trivial, they offer a number of benefits for veterans. 

When in the Armed Forces, you’re trained to suppress feelings of weakness and self-doubt. Over time, this can cause you to avoid getting help for mental health issues actively. 

According to, around 12% of veterans experience PTSD. It’s not uncommon for veterans to avoid talking about their experiences which may have caused trauma, ultimately worsening their condition. 

How Motorcycles Help

Some veterans may be hesitant to seek help for mental health issues. They are, however, likely to gravitate toward activities that give them a sense of control over danger and the feeling of comradery.

The motorcycle community is just that. 

Not only do veterans get to relieve stress & reap the benefits of meditation, but they also get to be part of a community that’s as tightknit as what they experienced in the armed forces. 

Getting Started

With new studies highlighting the benefits of motorcycle riding for veterans, it’s a great time for veterans to take the steps towards getting a bike.

Two of the biggest hurdles people experience when getting into the motorcycle community is learning to ride, and having space to store your motorcycle.

When it comes to getting your motorcycle license, it’s fairly easy to find classes aimed at getting veterans through the door. 

Harley Davidson offers discounted motorcycle license courses for military and first responders.

This can help get veterans off on the right foot, and onto a motorcycle. These classes will get you prepared to ride safely and give you the certification you need to get your motorcycle license. 

Some veterans are also paired with service animals to help with their PTSD, you can also ride with your dog if you get a pet carrier like some of these options. This allows veterans to go anywhere with their service animals.

Wrapping It Up

People have known for years that riding a motorcycle is fun and relaxing. However, new studies put statistics behind this feeling and highlight the benefits veterans can get from joining the motorcycle community

If you know a veteran, let them know about the benefits of riding a motorcycle, and help get them into classes to take the next step.