The 30 Best Poses for Taking Beautiful Photos of Women

The 20 Best Poses for Taking Beautiful Photos of Women

Here is a collection of posing samples for shooting female subjects. This post useful for photographers and women when preparing for and during the lovely photo shoot. When inspiration is not that prevalent, these poses will come in handy. It’s also good to know the best-looking poses that highlight the best features of a figure.

This post will come in handy not only for photographers looking for inspiration, but also all the ladies out there who want to look great in every shot. Here are some of the best poses which highlight your best features and hide even the most obvious imperfections. You’ll be a supermodel in no time.

1. Looking over the shoulder — a very simple initial portrait pose.

The 20 Best Poses for Taking Beautiful Photos of Women

image credit: Pavel Novikov

2. Do not forget about the position of the hands. The main rule — no flat, tense hands: the hand should be soft and flexible. And they should only be seen from the rear side.

Ali ilker Elci

3. A beautiful effect can be created using diagonals. It also works with the rule of thirds.

Konstantin Lelyak

4. Another open and attractive position — lying on the ground. Shoot better from a ground level.

Maria Petrova

5. In this position, model can play with her hands — and put them safely lowered to the ground. Lovely view for shooting on the street and among flowers and grass.

Alp Cem

6. This position — a great way to demonstrate the perfect physique. It works well for the image of a silhouette shot against a bright background.

photo poses for women 6

Konstantin Lelyak

7. The main elementary pose which looks amazing. Again, when shooting, it is better to get lower and take pictures from the ground level.

Jean-Baptiste Fort

8. And this amazing position is well suited for women with any figure. You can experiment with different positions of the feet and hands.

Karen Abramyan

9. Sweet and playful pose. Great for any interior: in bed, in the grass or on the beach.

Billy Nguyen

10. Easy beautiful pose which shows a remarkably beautiful figure.

Thomas Agatz

11. Another option in a sitting position. One knee must be pressed to the chest, and the other leg bent at the knee and must lie on the ground. Look is directed into the lens.

Yannick Desmet

12. Pull the hair back and slightly arch your lower back — this posture brings all the advantages of the figure.

Emma Grigoryan

13. The body is turned slightly to the side, hands in the back pockets. Simple, and at the same time, elegant posture.

Ali ilker Elci

14. A small forward lean can unobtrusively emphasize forms. It looks very attractive and seductive.

Oxana Gurova

15. Hands are thrown over the head, the weight of the body is moved on one leg, the other is relaxed. Suitable for a slim physique.

Mike Martfolio

16. Options for posing girl in full-height are infinite. This position can be taken as the starting point. And then, change the position of the hands, tilt housing, and so on.

Karen Abramyan

17. This posture looks pretty relaxed. Do not forget that you can lean against a wall not only with the back, but also the shoulder, arm or thigh.

Christian Teßmar

18. The figure should look like the letter ‘S’, the weight shifted to one leg, arms are relaxed.

Dmitry Elizarov

19. One of the most effective poses with a huge number of options. To catch the most advantageous position, slowly rotate the arm and continuously curve body.

mybestwork_eltonvarela crayvid

20. Romantic, tender pose. Use different fabrics and draperies. With their help, you can get really sensual pictures.

Maria Petrova

21. A really beautiful pose which brings out the model’s desirability and femininity.

22. Here the model lightly touches a vertical surface, such as a wall or a tree, with both hands. This is a great pose for taking a portrait shot.

(с) Konstantin Lelyak

23. If the model has long hair, definitly try to take an ‘action shot’ of her while she is moving. A good way to do this is to have her turn her head sharply.

(с) Mariya Petrova

24. This is a great, comfortable pose which can be used when taking photos at home, in a studio, and in many other locations.

(с) Christian Teß

25. This is a great pose for when the model is sitting on a sofa.

26. It’s believed that folded arms and legs create psychological barrier between people, and therefore is not recommended for photographs. However, it’s worth trying a shot where the model has her arms folded across her chest.

27. This pose is ideal for a full-length photo. The model’s hands should be placed either partly or fully in her pockets.

(c) Alexander Loginov

28. Placing the hands behind the back, whilst unusual, is nevertheless an interesting idea for a photo, which gives the model an open, sincere look. The option is also available here to have her lean against a wall.

(c) Ali ilker Elci

29. The most important thing to get right with this pose is the position of the legs. Also, the model should wear high heels to get the best effect.

30. Finally, we have this highly elegant pose. The model should be leaning forward slightly whilst sitting on the edge of the sofa, bed or bench.

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