The Best Wildlife Photography Of 2014

The top awards for the 50th wildlife photographer of the year competition have been announced at london’s natural history museum.

More than 42,000 entries from 96 countries have been submitted to the 2014 edition, which have been chosen for their artistic composition, technical innovation and truthful interpretation of the natural world. from a poignant, black and white shot of the vumbi pride in tanzania’s serengeti national park — awarded the grand title winner — to a photo of a japanese monkey using an iphone, the images reveal a scope of the natural world otherwise unseen by the everyday person. an exhibition will embark on an international tour across six continents, giving millions of people the chance to see some of the world’s wildest wildlife photography.



“Facebook update” by Marsel van Oosten, winner 2014 — new special award : people’s choice, the Netherlands.


“Touché” by Jan van Der Greef, finalist 2014 — birds, the Netherlands. 


« Divine Snake » by Raviprakash S S, winner 2014 — amphibians and reptiles, India.


Night of the deadly lights » by Ary Bassous, winner 2014 — invertebrates, Brazil.


Glimpse of the underworld » by Christian Vizl, winner 2014 — plants and fungi, Mexico.


Apocalypse » by Francisco Negroni, winner 2014 — earth’s environments, Chile.


The last great picture » by Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, grand title winner — wildlife photographer of the year 2014, winner 2014 — black and white, USA.


The price they pay » by Bruno d’Amicis, winner 2014 — world in our hands, Italy.


The mouse, the moon and the mosquito » by Alexander Badyaev, winner 2014 — mammals, Russia/USA


Communal warmth » by Simone Sbaraglia, finalist 2014 — mammals, Italy.


Passing giants » by Indra Swari Wonowidjojo, winner 2014 — underwater species, Indonesia.