Amazing Body Painting Photographs By Trina Merry

San Francisco based talented body painting artist Trina Merry created a series of “Human Motorcycle Project” from the contorted bodies of yoga experts and circus performers.

Merry sometimes photographs her work herself, but often works with other photographers as well, because the illusion is best when viewed from a certain angle and under certain lighting. Her images can feature anywhere from one model to 17 or even more. She also isn’t afraid of employing diverse artistic style – although she seems to have a preference for automobiles and motorcycles, she has also worked with abstract motifs as well.

The images were created to promote the International Motorcycle Roadshow tour, and featured three bikes: a sport bike, a dirt bike, and a cruiser:




While working under body painter Craig Tracy (her teacher and mentor), Merry also helped to create photos of the Fiat 500 out of bodies:

motorcycle-body-painting-art-photography-trina-merry--4 motorcycle-body-painting-art-photography-trina-merry-6 motorcycle-body-painting-art-photography-trina-merry-7 motorcycle-body-painting-art-photography-trina-merry-8 motorcycle-body-painting-art-photography-trina-merry-14

motorcycle-body-painting-art-photography-trina-merry-9 motorcycle-body-painting-art-photography-trina-merry-10 motorcycle-body-painting-art-photography-trina-merry-11

This is her most recent creation, showing a worshipper in a temple that’s being reflected on water: