20+ Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes Historical People that Prove Time Travel Exists

Some people believe that there is a twin somewhere in time for everyone. These photos are all of the real people, who were alive at some point of history or are still alive today. We collected the popular celebrity lookalike photos and have to ask the question. Are ALL celebrities time travellers, vampires and fountain of youth secret holders, or is it just most of them. Check out the photos below and YOU be the judge!

My Great Grandfather Looks Just Like Johnny Depp

Jay Z and an unknown man from Harlem.

This Classy Man And Eddie Murphy

General George Patton and Donald Trump

My Parents Wedding Day, February 1961. I Think Dad Looks Like Matt Damon

What Andy Samberg And Daniel Radcliffe Would’ve Looked Like In The 70s

This Is My Friend At Age 13. He Looked Exactly Like Natalie Portman

Egyptian Actress Zubaida Tharwat (1940-2016) And Jennifer Lawrence

Turkish revolutionist Mahir Canyan and Jimmy Fallon