Father Makes Crazy Photo Manipulation With His Three Daughters

John Wilhelm, a 44-year-old IT Director at a Swiss university and a father of three, creates imaginative, surreal and amusing photo manipulations with his family. Although he works with a diverse array of subjects, it seems that his three little daughters – Lou (5 years), Mila (2 years), and Yuna (6 months) – and their mother Judith are his favourite models of all.

Wilhelm’s photography unleashes a world of fantasy and imagination, where everything is possible and not everything has to be realistic – as long as it’s fun! “ I guess I watched just a little too much TV and played too many video games when I was a kid,” he told Bored Panda, commenting on his highly surreal and eclectic style.

When asked about the difficulties of working with kids, which can often get pretty overwhelming, he said, “I guess if you have a healthy emotional connection with your kids they can feel if something is really important for you and them they cooperate (and if they don’t, there are still sweets and candies).” via demilked  Source: | Facebook |