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23 Creative and Inspiring Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulation is an image editing technique with various editing software that alters the original photo by adding certain elements and graphics into your images. In this post, a compiled list of 24 creative photo manipulations for your inspiration.


1. Groundbreaking


2. Videographer



3. Asphalt Angel


4. Photo Manipulation 2013



5. Stone Hand


6. Dreamscape


7. Zero Gravity Land


8. Riding over the City


9. Biruta Ideias Mirabolantes


10. Buried Frames


11. Zipped Tulips


12. Cutting light


13. Elephant Pass



14. Photo Manipulation : Me as “Pi” from “Life of Pi”



15. Tree Portal


16. Bread Hut

Bread Hut


17. Message from GOD

Message from GOD


18. The Shepherd


19. Zebra Makeup


20. Payback Bill


21. Land of Hands

Land of Hands


22. Angry Ants



23. Robofantdrib