3 Dashboard Apps For Your iPhone and iPad

Dashboard is a tool to quickly organizing information from a multitude of sources, allowing you to access  your data at any time. In this post collection of some useful dashboard apps for your iPhone and iPad.


My Dashboard

My Dashboard is a simple, but very gratifying iOS dashboard app, available for both the iPhone and iPad. My Dashboard features a fully customizable layout editor that allows you to intuitively use drag and pull gestures to move, size and stretch each panel on your Dashboard to your liking. Up to 8 panels can be displayed on a single screen.



Status Board

Status Board connects to a wide variety of services. To populate your dashboard, you can add the default items: clocks, calendars and weather indicators. You can also include email, RSS feeds, CSV or HTML tables, Twitter feeds and graphs.



Google Now (via Google Search)

Google has added Google Now to its Google Search iOS app which can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Google Now, in case you’re unfamiliar with the project, pulls data from your device and uses your search history to generate an always-relevant dashboard, meticulously hand-crafted to fit what you’re looking for.