The 20 DIY Christmas Projects Will Get You in the Festive Mood

Around the world, people spend a lot of money and huge time at the shopping mall for finding perfect gift for their loved ones. And also, we spend even more money on Christmas decorations. Why waste money on items that we’ll only use once a year?

Luckily for us, creative people exist in our society and are generous enough to share their creative DIY ideas that cost way less than purchasing any actual decorations. We’ve collected some awesome DIY Christmas projects for those of you who want to save some money or just want to express some of your creativity this year.


#1. Use apothecary jars to create a beautifully lit up slow globe town.


20 DIY Christmas Projects 10

#2. Use a mason jar as a base to your own homemade simple yet chic waterless snow globe.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 1


#3. Put together your own personal advent calendar to count down the days to Christmas.

Decorate mini envelopes to represent each day and then fill them up with cute little knick knacks.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 2


#4. Create your own edible peppermint platter for the holiday parties.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 3


#5. Turn your wine glasses into cute character candle holders!

20 DIY Christmas Projects 4



#6. Don’t want to physically go look for a Christmas tree? Or maybe you just want a more modern look this year – build your own wooden tree using wood pallets!

20 DIY Christmas Projects 5



#7. Love the scent of peppermint? Construct your own peppermint-smelling bath bombs.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 6


#8. Have a few branches laying around your front yard? Get crafty and use them to make a cute reindeer centerpiece.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 7


#9. Or maybe you have a log laying around? Turn that into a beautiful centerpiece perfect for the holiday dinners.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 8
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#10. Transform your average salt shakers into these adorable holiday shakers!


20 DIY Christmas Projects 9

#11. No snow, no problem. Build a snowman in the comfort of your own home using an old pair of socks.


20 DIY Christmas Projects 14


#12. Become the best looking house in your neighborhood with these easy-to-make Christmas light balls.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 13

They’ll be a unique touch to the rest of your front yard decorations.



#13. Create this snowflake chandelier for a more elegant Christmas look.

Note: You don’t have to cut out all these snowflakes one by one, you can buy them all from the dollar store!

20 DIY Christmas Projects 11



#14. Instead of making the traditional popcorn string decor, replace the popcorn with some ruffled coffee filters to put together this creative garland that’ll go great over the fireplace.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 12


#15. Why throw away your paperless toilet paper rolls when you can turn them into mini Santas!

20 DIY Christmas Projects 15



16. Stray away from all the extravagant pretty-looking wreaths and create one this year decorated with all your favorite memories.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 16


#17. Bake these delicious ornamental cake pops. They’re perfect for those sweet tooth family members who are trying to not indulge too much this year.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 17


#18. Want to create a more rustic look this year? Create these unique little arrows to add some flare to your Christmas tree.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 18


#19. Use doilies and skewers to build your own dainty village of delicate trees.

20 DIY Christmas Projects 19


#20. Love the scent of cinnamon on Christmas morning? Wrap some cinnamon sticks around a candle to create this decorative scented candle.


20 DIY Christmas Projects 20