Breathtaking Dog Photography By Polish Photographer

The Poland-based photographer Alicja Zmyslowka shoots the most adorable portraits of dogs we’ve ever seen. The photographer has devoted her life to taking dog photos saying, “I would love to share my passion and love for dogs through my photography. I want to show what’s best in each dog, I want to catch their souls. When I take pictures of homeless dogs, I want to help them find new and loving homes. And when I take pictures of people with their pet companions, I want them to have the perfect photos of their favorite moments spent with their four-legged friends.”



The photographer takes her beautiful dog photography with a wide array of gear, including the Canon 70-200mm, 85mm and 50mm lenses.

adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-2 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-3 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-4 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-5 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-6 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-7 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-8 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-9 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-10 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-11 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-12 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-19 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-14 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-15 adorable-dog-photography-by-alicja-zmyslowska-20

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