This is a drawing made with ballpoint pens, not a photograph

A Stunning portrait made with standard Bic ballpoint pens on paper took its Portuguese creator 30 hours to complete: and he is not even a professional artist. An amazing detailed drawing of a Russian model by 29-year-old lawyer Samuel Silva has been praised by readers of the popular online community deviantART.

Redhead Girl – Ballpoint Pen

For his Redhead Girl, based on a photograph by Russian photographer Kristina Taraina, the 29-year-old used six different colored ballpoint pens which took some 30 hours to finish.


Jaguar – Ballpoint Pen Drawing

This was Silva’s first ever picture of a jaguar. It took him 15 hours to complete

Tiger – Bic Ballpoint Pen

Speaking about his picture of a Sumatran tiger, which took around 20 hours to finish, Silva said:


Girl With a Pearl Earring – Ballpoint Pen

artist Samuel Silva, Girl with a Pearl Earring – Ballpoint Pen, took 45 hours to complete.