Eco-Friendly Desert House Nestled into a Hillside Overlooking View

Overland Partners was designed amazing desert home into a hillside, with its low profile emphasized by a series of landscaped roofs, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The design of the structure was inspired by the lands history of Anasazi settlers, known for their cliff dwellings.

The residence is composed of 40,000 gross square feet, with the lower half of the structure being buried into the terrain. The structure is fully integrated into the site, where the house wraps around the crest of a hill on three of its sides, offering sweeping views of the city and distant Jemez Mountains.

The homeowners are philanthropists who host benefits quite frequently in their home for several hundred people, so they required space to accommodate large parties that could be public or private. They also requested that the design of the home maximize the views of the landscape from all directions, which in turn motivated the size, shape and placement of all the windows and sliding glass walls.

Eco-Friendly Desert House Nestled into a Hillside Overlooking View

Natural materials were integrated into the design, both inside and out, helping to blur boundaries between architecture and landscape. Clerestory windows and skylights helps to illuminate spaces, while sliding glass doors disappear into walls extending living spaces outdoors and drawing in southeastern breezes.