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The 30 Most Useful Free Photoshop Scripts

Photoshop Scripts are similar to Actions, but Scripts can allow users to make conditional decisions during processing to enable them to be more intelligent. In this collection, we are showcasing 30 useful free Photoshop Scripts that could make you more efficient.

How to Install Photoshop Scripts? 

Mac: <hard drive>/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Presets/Scripts/

Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Scripts\

Then, after you quit and restart Photoshop, the newly installed scripts will automatically appear in the File » Scripts submenu (in alphabetical order).

To run a script, simply select it by name from the File » Scripts submenu, or choose File » Scripts » Browse to locate and run scripts that don’t appear in the Scripts menu. Version: Photoshop CS and higher.

Template Generator

freephotoshopscript 1


Pixel Measure & Font Display Tool



Black & White Variations



Perspective tools



Lighten / Darken Color

freephotoshopscript 5


Create a Calendar



Flat Layout Wrapper

freephotoshopscript 7


Group Layer Renaming



Corner Editor



Radius Resizer



Expanding Smart Objects



Tych Panel



Free Pencil Shade Script

Photoshop script, as easy to use as an action, turns an image into Pencil Shade with shaded density and tone in darker areas.

Free Pencil Shade Script


Offset all layers



Device Art Generator

Photoshop Scripts for iOS and Android UI designers to generate the device art.


Parametric Curves



Split to Layers




RealSizer is a Photoshop script for mobile UI designer. It help you to display your designs at real size on computer monitor, and real size printing for your design.


Export text to file

Script that parses your PSD document and grabs any text content, before saving it out into a text file for ease of copy/paste into other formats.





Super Export

By using this Script you will be able to select a layer, run the script and then that layer will instantly be saved and all the others will be hidden. It works quickly and does its job in style.


Adobe Paper Texture Panel

This Script allows you to quickly grab a texture to use in your open document.


Sprite Generator

If you use sprites for your background images in web design, you’ll love this Script that allows you to automatically generate a sprite and all the associated CSS required to use it, simply by choosing a folder of images.


Create iOS icons


Google Maps Tile Cutter


Textparser Photoshop script

This excellent Script generates CSS styles for text that’s inside a Photoshop document. It includes information automatically picked up from your document for colour, font-size, text-transform, text-decoration, line-height and more. Perfect for web designers working with mockups produced in Photoshop.


Per Layer Guides

Photoshop CS5 or higher, This script will allow you to save a different set of guides per layer (Not background layer)


Photoshop Animation to Sprite Sheet

this Script takes a frame-based Photoshop animation and generates a sprite sheet from it – perfect for high-quality cinemagraphs or flipbook style animations that you don’t want to run as an animated GIF.


Eliminate Copy

This Script allows you to remove the word copy from the layer name of duplicated layers inside Photoshop. It can apply the removal across multiple layers simultaneously, or just the currently active layer.