Free Resources for Web Designers and Developers #13

In this post, A collection of useful free resource, you can use on your next design project. If you like these Free Resources collection you might also want to check out our previous posts below.

36 Pixel Pattens (.PAT)

Here is another set of Pixel Patterns, 36 in total. Each of them are 16 x 16px in size. This includes one .PAT Photoshop Pattern File and one .PSD file in case you need to scale these patterns larger.



Responsive CSS Timeline with 3D Effect

A tutorial about how to create an experimental CSS-only timeline with a 3D effect. The idea is to expand a content area when the associated radio input is selected.

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Stairway Navigation (A jQuery Plugin?)

An interesting “stairway” navigation hover effect where the hovered item becomes the “tallest” stair.

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Ticket Coupon Sale Tag Psd

ticket and coupon sale tag psd are based on our dribbble invite ticket and our coupon tag from our great value premium offering graphic.



Notebook Blog Post PSD

A stylish “notebook blog post”, this lovely little layout has a ruled paper background, a folded corner, stylish staple, and a few share/save icons and tag designs. It could make the basis for a really unique blog design



Shopping Cart Widget

beautiful graphical user interface of a shopping cart widget. It has a very simple and clean design with most common elements of any shopping cart widget. Download the PSD file and play around as per your design taste.



Responsive background images with fixed or fluid aspect ratios

Responsive layouts make it possible to dynamically scale the width of a website to fit on small mobile devices as well as larger desktop computers. An <img> element with a percentual width will have its height automatically adjusted.

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Responsive Menu Concepts

When it comes to responsive design we are faced with various techniques on how to best handle altering our navigation menus for small screens.

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 iPhone and iPad Tab Bar Icons

These icons and symbols are designed for Apple iPhone and iPad app development. They are pixel perfect and contain alpha transparency which follow all the requirements provided by Apple.



Create a Responsive Image Slider in jQuery and CSS3

Today we will code a responsive image slider from the Impressionist UI. We will code it using the FlexSlider plugin for the functionality and style it using CSS3. I hope you will enjoy it and find it useful for your projects.

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50 Mini Icons (PSD)

Today’s freebie is an awesome contribution from Swedish designer Victor Erixon – a set of 50 mini icons.



Ecommerce UI Kit

Here is one of my first ecommerce user interface kits. Everything is entirely vector and can be scaled to any size if needed. It also includes a photoshop PSD like always

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MockNow is an online wireframing tool still in its infancy, and is just a little over a month old. The mode of operation behind MockNow is simple: you are presented with a ‘Mock Document’, where you can drag and drop and stuff and do all the action.

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Instagram “Gravity” Gallery

Today we will be making something entirely for fun – a “gravity” gallery. This will be a script that runs a search on Instagram, fetches and displays the photos in a grid, and then uses the Box2D library to simulate physical interactions between them.

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Light & Simple UI Kit



Soft Beige UI Kit

This weekend, I prepared a nearly complete UI set that you can download in PSD format. I hope you enjoy these items and you’ll use them in your future designs.