Worst Selfie Fails, 17 Photos Tell People Totally Forgot to Check the Background

Today post, we’ve gathered some hilarious selfie fails. These photos show that people totally forgot to check the background of the images. They didn’t simply check behind them before they snapped their picture. Let’s take a look this collection funny selfie fail photos that will remind you when taking a selfie.

Spider Photo-Bombs A Selfie

Mama’s Big Boy

I May See A Better Selfie Of A Man, A Baby And A Dog This Month But I Doubt It

Even This Dog Is Sick Of Her Selfies

When You See It

Probably The Best Photobomb Of All Time

Selfie Background Fail

Mirror Selfie. Look Closely

This Traffic Ugh

Reflection Fail

Buddy Sent Us A Picture Of His Turf-Burn. When You See It

Aww My Boyfriend Is So Sweet! Sneaking In Shower Shots Of Me

You Could Have Left Something In The Shower

Little Girl Selfie Gets Photobombed By Bear-Like Father

Australian Police Have Had Enough Of Your Shit

One Wrong Move And It’s Mine…

Just Me, Myself And I

I Took A Selfie And Saw Myself 20 Years In The Future