Hilarious Face Swaps of Film and TV Characters

Face swap is the art of digitally swapping the faces of subjects in an image. Some common subjects are celebrities and beloved characters from popular films and TV shows. Looking at this collection of Faceswap images, it might take a second to register what’s so strange about your favorite characters’ faces, but once you do, it’s hard not to admire the humor and Photoshop skills of all the internet users who devote their time to Faceswapping.


faceswap1 Skyfall

faceswap2 Twilight faceswap3 Breaking Bad faceswap4 Raiponce faceswap5 Avengers faceswap6 The Big Bang Theory faceswap7 Harry Potter faceswap8 How I Met Your Mother faceswap9 Aladdin faceswap10 Hunger Games faceswap11 Game Of Thrones faceswap12 Toy Story

via mymodernmet , dailygeekshow