Free iRoofing Construction App Makes Roofing Jobs Easier by Reducing Overhead Costs

iRoofing is one the best apps available for roofing contractors aimed at saving time and money. The redesigned app now features video, social media, and feedback from your customer in an effort to provide all relevant details to future customers.

iRoofing App Features

The iRoofing app is an on-the-go solution to meet all your needs as a roofing contractor. The app will provide you with local information, accurate measurements without accessing the roof, and will provide you with all important technical data from material manufacturers based on your geographical location. These are some of the best and most important features:

  • Able to measure roof area remotely using Google Maps or Bing images.
  • Provide all information about tile selection, shingle, and metal so you can share with your customer
  • Simulate the finished roof installation using an existing roof photo. Variances are in the range of less than 2% when compared to actual roof measurements
  • Hips, valleys, ridge, rakes and eave can be marked and material can be ordered easily.
  • Provide reliable and accurate information about roofing suppliers and local manufacturers so you can get the local expertise needed to complete your project
  • Using Google maps, the roof pitch can be determined and then compared to actual roof measurements.
  • All documents and images can be saved, emailed or printed, sharing the information and including it in your proposal.
  • Place material order with most of the top US Distributor/Suppliers and the list can be modified to add additional suppliers.
  • Material orders can be customized, and delivery will be specified in the purchase order.
  • Provide render images about their new roof
  • Provides information about licensed contractors near you
  • Have access to full line of manufacturer’s catalogs
  • Find a local branch of your roofing supply company
  • Have access to technical information, building approval forms, and installation guides
iRoofing app for contractors overhead costs

How Can I Get Benefits from the iRoofing App?

The app should be used to generate proposals, allowing roofing contractors to provide home owners with different photos scaled to actual dimensions. It can be used to present different alternatives to the building owner based on material, shapes and colours. Now to make things even easier, contracts can be uploaded and edited on the go creating unique database for each of your customers. All the information is synced with your calendar and you will have access to material orders, contracts, design centre, simulator and images. A new estimating tool will soon be added to the app enhancing the tool to provide even more accurate take-offs and estimates.


iRoofing for Contractors Costs and Plans

The app comes with unlimited training, on a 1 to 1 basis when you pay a $129 per month subscription. This subscription, valid for 3 licenses provides unlimited use and all the information is managed and stored using a secure server. There is one additional package on a per year basis, and this one comes even with 1 iPad for you to use. This construction app will allow you to update your own business logo, create a photo gallery to upload photos, use the roof replacement simulator, upload your catalog, and be able to push information to your clients regarding latest information and products. Distributors could also be listed allowing to be discovered when iRoofing users search using the GPS capability to find nearest manufacturers, distributors, and vendors.