May 2012 Calendar Wallpapers for Desktop

Beautiful and creative artwork Free desktop wallpapers created by artists across the globe for May 2012. 

Beautiful Calendar Wallpapers for Desktop – May 2012

Mangolicious May

“In India, May is mostly known for summer holidays and the season of Mango- the best amongst all the fruits. Its the best in terms of flavour, richness and sweetness.As the scorching heat increases in this month, its the delicious mango which keeps us going and makes us look forward to summers. This wallpaper is dedicated to the King of Fruits-Mango.” Designed by Charuta Puranik from India.


You May Rain

Designed by Ioana Bitin (aka Yoot) from Romania.


Vodafone ZooZoo Calendar Wallpaper – May 2012

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Designed by Alex Dovksha from Belarus.



“Limundograd (Limundocity) is an illustration for an e-commerce auction site called, designed to show users what the site consists of, and much more!” Designed by Mrki from Serbia.


Wishing On A Star

“Keep an eye out for those shooting stars during the clear summer nights. If you see one, make a wish and maybe it’ll come true…” Designed by Eddie Wong from Ireland.


Wonderful Island

“Wonderful Island is the annual meeting point for a unique community of various fairy creatures from different parts of the world. They come here every single year on the exact same day – May, 1 to talk with the old friends and have fun. The merriest guys are, certainly, Furst, the middle-aged Yeti from the North of Iceland and his best friend Charles Dooon, aka DJ Chuck-Chuck, who can’t imagine their lives without music.” Designed by Maria S. from USA.