17 Cute and Funny Melting Animal Photos

A collection of animals melting photos. Some animals melt to disguise themselves, others melt involuntarily while sleeping. Let’s take a look at these funny animal pictures.

Hamsters Melting

Apparently, Owls Melt In Direct Sunlight

This Bird Just Melted In My Palm

Cat Just Melted

Cat Puddle

Ducks Will Start To Melt At 90° F

Dali Cat

Her Name Is Clementine. We Call This Clemoflage

This Dog Is Melting

Very Few Things Disturb Her Sleep

Different Breeds Of Cats Have Different Melting Points

Melting Squirrel

Dali Kitten

Was Finishing Up My Lunch When I Saw This Bird Try And Melt Into The Ground… And Then Stare At Me Like I Was Wrong For Judging

Someone Spilled Their Hamster On The Couch

Melting Dog In A Bath

It’s So Hot, Even The Cat Has Melted…