24 Old Photos That Tell You How Our Life Has Changed Over The Years


1. The Statue of Liberty being built in Paris. She was built and disassembled in France prior to arriving in New York in 1885.

Old Photos 1


2. The treadmill has come a long way. Here is one from the 1920s made from wooden slats.

Old Photos 6


3. David Letterman interviewing his first guest Bill Murray for the “Late Night with David Letterman,” Feb. 1, 1982.



4. Hard to tell if that’s a real alligator or not.

Old Photos 5


5. Beatlemania at its height in New York, August 15, 1965.

Old Photos 3


6. The tallest person in history Robert Wadlow in the 1930s. Wadlow suffered from hyperplasia, which caused him to never stop growing.



7. The International Industrial Fair in Hannover, West Germany, in May 12, 1959. The “Auto Mignon” was a record player that could be attached to the dashboard.

Old Photos 4


8. To avoid a court order of integration in schools in Little Rock, Arkansas, students took classes from TV sets while schools were closed in 1958.



9. A happy child in Africa in the 1940s.

Old Photos 8


10. Burlesque beauty of the 1890s.

Old Photos 9


11. The larger front wheel model or ‘velocipede’ was popular in the 1880s.

Old Photos 7


12. Circusman Paul Remos with his six and seven-year-old sons, circa 1940

Old Photos 10


13. Happier and simpler times, hanging with friends while rollerskating and drinking soda.

Old Photos 12


14. Summer stroll in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois.



15. Niagara Falls has captivated people’s hearts from the beginning. Two couples enjoying the waterfall in 1855.



16. Chinese immigrants living in Oregon during the gold rush, 1890s.

Old Photos 19


17. A pioneer in her own right. The Native American woman driving her own car, April 7, 1916.

Old Photos 11


18. A young Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret after their first tube train journey, on May 1939.



19. The aftermath of San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake and looters taking advantage of the disaster.

Old Photos 28


20. Mike Clinton shovelling volcanic ash off the sidewalk from Mount St. Helens. The volcano in Yakima, Washington erupted on May 18, 1980.



21. Zoologist Walter Rothschild riding his zebra carriage to Buckingham Palace to prove zebras were tamed animals.



22. A little girl dancing in Woodstock in 1969.

Old Photos 22


23. Friends hanging out in 1947 in Natchez, Mississippi.

Old Photos 23


24.  Woman selling fish from a barrel on the streets of London, 1910.

Old Photos 25