Paper Bird Sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

Colombian artist diana beltran herrera has added to her ongoing paper bird sculptures – a series of vibrantly colored feathered friends carefully modeled by hand. formally trained in industrial design, herrera slowly broadened her growing collection of imaginary and actual species of birds until it became a full-time project.

Herrera discusses the importance of movement in her artwork:

this series of works comes out on my experience with nature and the iscovery process I have had in relation with the world in its real form. through the work I analyze the movement in the relation to object-space.

the birds provide me with a quantity of information manifested in their activities and dynamism. this new space is externalized by my point of view on some major events of the birds and their environment, in which behaviors are represented, forms, qualities and intentions – all related with movement.’

the works are meticulously crafted from paper

paper bird sculpture – black and white warbler

blue jay

Paper bird – Belted Kingfisher


imaginary species

magnolia warbler

paper bird – yellow warbler

robin bird

paper bird sculptures -hummingbird