These 30 Animal Photos Is A Timing Genius

One of the most important things in photography is right timing. A photographer can convert a normal shot into a once in a life-time shot with lots of patience and perfect timing.

This showcase rounds up 30 stunning examples of perfectly timed animal photos which looks like pure luck, but it’s a result of those photographers who are hard-working day and night towards their passion.


1. High Five!

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 2

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2. Boooyaaaa!! Caught the meal!

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 5

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3. I got my own little umbrella!

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 6

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4. Nice view from top.

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 7

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5. Dangerous playground.

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 9

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6. What are you looking at?

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 8

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7. Old enemies.

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 10

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8. Hello human!

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 15

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9. Looks like i grew up a nice pair of Dracula teeth.

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 16

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10. I got better wings! No, mine is better!

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 17

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11. Hold on tight buddy, help is on the way!

perfectly-timed-animal-photos 18

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