Sending Art Into Orbit; How Editors Are Creating Alien Landscapes with Clipart

When people think of clipart, many imagine pasting crude stickers onto photos, but these photo editors have taken clipart further… much further.

Using the free mobile app PicsArt, these photo editors combined color effects and galaxy-themed clipart to catapult their photos into deep space, creating exotic alien landscapes. What’s more, the results are stunningly convincing.
It turns out that mucking around with the constellations overhead can profoundly change the character of the land below, creating a seemingly whole new world in a whole new star system. Because PicsArt allows for custom clipart as well, the sky’s the limit to what you can throw up there with the stars.

Here are 7 planet-building tips that use the PicsArt photo editor, to give you a leg up in bringing your new worlds to life. For those of you who want to turn your smartphone into a pocket-sized nebula, these extraterrestrial ideas will help send you into orbit.

1. Ground Your World in Realism with B&W

Displaying your new world in black and white can really give a realististic student-film sheen to your new universe. Black and white is also great for highlighting contrast in lighting and accentuating the crescent-like shadows across planets’ surfaces.

PicsArt photo editor iphone app 1

2. Alter the Atmosphere

Change the color and definition of your photo to thicken the air with strange colored gases.
Filters and blurs can help create the distortion of a thick atmosphere.

PicsArt photo editor iphone app 2

3. Reflect the Stars

Reflect the heavens in a lake surface to tie the earth and sky together. This makes a big difference in selling the illusion that all of these elements exist in the same world.

PicsArt photo editor iphone app 3

4. Play With Scale

In space, there are no limits to size, so don’t be afraid to play with the scale of your planets. Make your new world a moon orbiting a much larger planet.

PicsArt photo editor iphone app 4

5. Use Filters for Polish

Throwing a filter on at the end not only has a way of ironing out color differences between your clipart and photo, but it can also help you achieve that final polished look.

PicsArt photo editor iphone app 5

6. Make Your Aliens Alien

Using the Color Replace Effect in the app, you can turn anyone into an alien by swapping out their earthy skin tones with extraterrestrial greens and purples.

PicsArt photo editor iphone app 6

7. Mind the Direction of Sunlight

Though we are talking about a distant solar system, all light still comes from that system’s sun. That means that where the light is in the sky is the same direction from where your light should hit your planet.

Feeling inspired? Well get in touch with your inner nebula and start creating worlds of your own. The PicsArt app is free on Android, iOS, and Windows tablets and phones. Download the app today to blast off on your own creative path.

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