20 Photos Show Ingenious Photoshoppers Edited Amazingly

Taking a good photo is worth its weight in gold and editing photo is worth even more nowadays every photographer know this simple. So learning photoshop is a very important aspect for people who want to become a photographer.

These photos which turned into real masterpieces with the help of skilful and artistic retouches. This post collected 20 pictures before and after photoshop for your inspiration, and you get some ideas for your next photo manipulation works.

Amazing photos before and after photoshop

by Summerana


© Vita Klochko

© Peter Stewart

© Αrtem Μelnichenko

Igor Grushko

© Igor Grushko

© Michael Oswald

© Artem Melnichenko

© Albert Romanov

© Elena Bedakova

© Jay Lay

© Anastasiya Krukovskaya

© Pavel Bondarenko


© A.L.F

© Дмитрий Рогожкин

© Natalya Zolotarova