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30+ New Photoshop Tutorials

In this roundup i will find some of best Photoshop tutorials released in March 2013. These Photoshop tutorials to help you improve your skills and techniques that are suitable for beginners, intermediate level and advanced users. See the complete list of 30+ Adobe Photoshop Tutorials.

How to Create Landing Page in Photoshop

This following tutorial teach you how to make a landing page with Photoshop. This landing page layout can be used for many types of websites, so feel free to modify the text, navigation menu, imagery, icons, and so forth to match your own particular needs. View Full Tutorial

landing page photoshop


Create a Colorful, Lively Retro Text Effect

In this tutorial, how to create a fun retro text effect in Photoshop. We will learn how to use some interesting techniques to achieve the desired effect. View Full Tutorial



Design a Postcard in Photoshop

In this tutorial, Martin Perhiniak will explain how to design a postcard that depicts a Roman soldier lost in the modern tourist-packed Rome. View Full Tutorial



Simple Zipper Text Effect

A zipper-inspired text effect can be created in many different ways, since zippers have different shapes, types, and details. This tutorial, however, will explain how to create a basic zipper shape, with the main parts, and apply it to a sports-themed text. View Tutorial Part 1Part 2



Create a Scenic Matte Painting From a Sketch

In this tutorial, we are going to use Photoshop’s photo manipulation tools to create a scenic matte painting that was based on a sketch. View Full Tutorial



Create a Cute Bunny House in Photoshop

This tutorial will show you photo manipulation techniques to create a cartoon-like look. View Tutorial



Create a Hand-drawn Pricing Table

In this quick tip we’re going to create a pricing table that you can add to your website and is pretty easy to code. View Full Tutorial

Pricing Table


Create a Fantasy Floating Green Planet Scene in Photoshop

Today you’ll learn how to create a fantasy floating island scene using various photo manipulation techniques. View Full Tutorial



Make a Knob/Dial UI

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll show you a quick and easy way to make a knob/dial user interface that you can build on and modify to suit your needs. View Full Tutorial



Create a Heroic Firefighter Painting in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will honor our firefighters by creating a digital painting that depicts a firefighter coming to the rescue. View Tutorial



Create a Nice Sports Badge in Photoshop

In this article we’re going to create a nice sports team badge using both Photoshop and Illustrator. View Tutorial



Create a Pixel-Perfect Social Icon Using Vectors

This is a pretty simple tutorial that will teach you how to create pixel perfect vector shapes and how to easily handle the vector tools in Photoshop. View Tutorial



Retro Effect with Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply a retro effect to your photos. View Tutorial


Mystical Scene and Add Makeup to a Girl

Learn how to create this artwork of a mysterious lady in desolate environment with Photoshop. View Tutorial



Create a Photo-Realistic Metal Apple

This tutorial will show you how to warp objects, dodge/burn, and add reflections to metal. View Tutorial



How to Draw a PlayStation-Inspired Game Controller From Scratch

n this tutorial, we will explain how to draw a play station controller from scratch in Photoshop using basic tools such as shape layers, brushes, strokes, and layer styles. View Tutorial



Create a Science Fiction Environment

we will show you how to create a science fiction environment using digital painting and illustration techniques. View Tutorial



Create a Clean, Colorful 160 x 600px Advertisement

we are going to design an eye-​​catching 160 x 600px banner ad in Photoshop. We will use some interesting techniques and blending options to create this ad. View Tutorial



Create a Beautiful Mixed Media Portrait in Photoshop

Advanced tutorial will teach you how to create a beautiful mixed media portrait effect. View Tutorial

Mixed Media Portrait


Stone and Concrete 3D Text Effect With Photoshop and Filter Forge

In this tutorial, we will mix Photoshop CS6′s 3D tools with Filter Forge to create an “out of the box” stone and concrete 3D text effect. View Tutorial



Create a Vintage Notepad From Scratch

In this tutorial you’ll learn a variety of drawing techniques, mixed with professional filter application, coloring, lighting and more. View Tutorial



Trace Photos for Beautiful Line Art

create a composition first, and then get a photographer to get the right angles of the model to fit in to the scene, especially if the model will be interacting with the scene. View Tutorial



Create a Photo-Realistic Fried Egg Using Digital Painting Techniques

In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a photo-realistic fried egg from a reference. View Tutorial



Create a Old Photo Film Vector Using Photoshop

This tutorial we’re going to dive in and walk you through the basics of Photoshop’s drawing capabilities. View Tutorial



Combine real and digital brushes

In this tutorial, Adi Gilbert explains how he produces beautifully-crafted illustrations using a blend of traditional brushwork, and digital techniques with a tablet, stylus and Photoshop. View Tutorial



Create an Adorable Children’s Illustration

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create an adorable children’s illustration using digital painting techniques in Photoshop. View Tutorial



Iron Man Mask In Illustrator And Photoshop

This tutorial I will show you how to create the Iron Man mask using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. View Tutorial



Create a Retro Mixtape in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to illustrate a retro cassette tape in Photoshop. We’ll use various shape tools, layer styling techniques, and a few filters to achieve the final result. View Tutorial



How to Use Image-Based Lighting in Photoshop CS6

In this tutorial, Steve Caplin will explain how to create convincing location effects using Photoshop’s 3D tools. In the process, he will show you how to set up specularity of textures, how to soften and position shadows, and how to use image-based lighting. View Tutorial



Create a Lone Ranger Photo Manipulation

create a lone range photo manipulation, featuring a dramatic landscape and an old cowboy. View Tutorial



Oz The Great and Powerful’ Inspired Text Effect

This tutorial aims to create an effect similar to the main “O” effect. The other parts of the text have a slightly different effect, which can still be achieved using the basic steps, but with some different values. View Tutorial