The Protexo is a device that blows cool air on asthma sufferers as they sleep, to keep allergens away from their “breathing zone”
Airsonett has developed Protexo based on the TLA (Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow) technology, which breaks the body convection and thus creates an allergen free zone, where it is important – in the breathing zone.

Protexo significantly reduces the inhalant allergen level during sleep and gives the hyperactive immune system of a person suffering from asthma long, frequent periods of critical recovery:

Protexo is the first ever evidence-based non-pharmaceutical treatment of atopic asthma. It is non-invasive and has an excellent safety profile

protexo 1 protexo 2 Protexo 3 Protexo 4 Protexo 5 Protexo 6 Protexo-7

  1. Air supply nozzle (airshower) for slightly
    cooled air
  2. Bent neck pipe
  3. Neck pipe
  4. Control panel
  5. Built-in handle
  6. Table
  7. Warm air outlet
  8. Filter hatch
  9. Air intake
  10. Base unit
  11. Mains input socket (connects to
    grounded or ungrounded outlet)
    Mains power switch (O=Off, I=On),
    Fuse box
    USB connection (only used by service
  12. Label showing product identity