15 Real Life Disney Cartoon Characters Lookalikes

Here, we gathered some of your favourites Disney animations films cartoon characters totally lookalike. Scroll through the list below for more Disney cartoon characters who are actually real.

This Ukrainian Judge Looks Like Ursula From Little Mermaid

This Old Man Looks Like Carl From Up

This Person Looks Like Linguini From Ratatouille

Khal Drogo Looks Like Scar From Lion King

This Asian Girl Looks Like Flash From Zootopia

This Scout Kid Looks Like Russel From Up

Nicky Minaj Looks Like Mrs Potato Head

This Person Looks Like Hiro Hamada From Big Hero 6

Jean Sarkozy Looks Like Prince Adam From Beauty And The Beast

Lisa Edelstein Looks Like Mother Gothel From Tangled

My Daughter Izzy Looks Like Merida From Brave

My Friend Looks Like Mary Katherine From Epic

This Kid Looks Like Andy From Toy Story

The Former Queen Of The Netherlands Beatrix Looks Like Merryweather From Sleeping Beauty

Chris Hemsworth Looks Like John Smith From Pocahontas

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