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34 Creative Shopping Bag Advertisements

This is a collection of some creative and clever shopping bag designs that will surely inspire you. Shopping bags can be used for almost any organization to advertise their business and brand or global issues. In this post, we present a showcase of unique shopping bag advertisements from around the world.

Children with Autism: Bag


Total Nutrition Corporation: Burn Bag

shopping-bag-Total Nutrition Corporation


Creative Bag Advertisements

Creative Bag Advertisements


Bag Design

Bag Design


Fitness Company: Shopping Bag

Fitness Company Shopping Bag


Karl Lagerfeld Shopping Bag

Karl Lagerfeld Shopping Bag


Pantene Shampoo Bag

Pantene Shampoo Bag


Kong: Shoe Bag

Shoe Bag


Aspe – “Crime Bag” – Duval Guillaume



Coffee Concepts

shopping-bag-Coffee Concepts


Gaia animal rights






Dragonet Diving – ‘Plastic Bag’

shopping-bag-Dragonet Diving


Get The Hang Of It

shopping-bag-Get The Hang Of It


Greenpeace: Bag



Hurriyetoto Sack

shopping-bag-Hurriyetoto Sack




Lipton Clear Green Tea bag: Carry Bag

shopping-bag-Lipton Clear Green Tea bag


Meralco: Unplug to save bags



Moo Shoes

shopping-bag-Moo Shoes


San Li Tun Village: Dinosaurian Egg

shopping-bag-San Li Tun Village Dinosaurian Egg


Shumensko Beer: Beer Crate

shopping-bag-Shumensko Beer


Craftsman Tools: Drill Bag

Drill Bag


Clothes in Closets: Knucle bag

Knucle bag


 Max Factor Eye Bag

Max Factor Eye Bag


Paper Bag with Dog Ear Handles

Paper Bag with Dog Ear Handles


“Carbon Neutral Challenge” – Reusable Bag

Reusable Bag


Shopping bag

Shopping bag


Canon EOS 500D Brochure

shopping-bag-design Canon EOS 500D Brochure



shopping-bag-design ReVital


LG Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine: Laundry Bag Takeover

shopping-bag-lg Washing Machine


Stop’n Grow – Nail Biter Bag

shopping-bag-Nail Biter Bag


Volkswagen Golf GTI: Bag

shopping-bag-Volkswagen Golf GTI


Six-pack Abs Bag

Six-pack Abs Bag