Top 90 Best Photoshop Tutorials From 2011

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most famous and most widely used photo editing softwarewhich is being used by everyone — the pros and the novices. By editing photos on Photoshop you can turn ordinary photo into an extraordinary ones. The best way to learn using Photoshop in new and better ways is through tutorials. Photoshop tutorials that are extensively available on the internet, but using search engines to find high quality Photoshop tutorials can be very time consuming and hectic.


Photo Manipulate a Dramatic Battle Scene in Photoshop 

Learn creating a dramatic action scene in this tutorial. While making this piece, you would learn to integrate various stock images, creating exciting effects, efficiently using blending modes and adjusting color correctly etc.


Color a Medieval Robot Character Illustration 

Learn to color a Medieval Robot Character Illustration in this tutorial.

Create a Minimalist Blog Layout 

This tutorial will show you how to create a minimalist and simple blog layout. It will teach you some useful methods and tricks for designing web layouts in Photoshop.


Create a Futuristic Bicycle Icon 

This tutorial will show you how to create a futuristic bicycle icon from scratch by utilizing some basic Photoshop tools. Cool, right?


Make a “Minion” Character From the Despicable Me Movie 

This tutorial teaches you how to create a cute minion character from the movie Despicable Me.


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