9 Types of Christmas Trees – Best Real Types Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree 7.5 Foot Christmas tree types

You can find best artificial Christmas trees on the market for decorating your house. Here is a list of the most popular type of Christmas tree. Real Christmas trees can often be bought from retail chain stores. Christmas trees have different shapes and qualities. The most favorite Christmas trees basically have a pyramid or cone shape that make them more popular than others.

Does your Christmas tree look too old fashioned? Let’s take a look at different real types Christmas trees to pick for your family.

Christmas Tree 7.5 Foot Best Types Christmas Trees

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Types Christmas Trees

1. Fraser Fir Tree

Fraser Fir Christmas tree is popular American Christmas tree. It also has a more narrow base – making it ideal for tight spaces. Fraser Fir Tree is now the best selling Christmas tree in the US.

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Fraser fir for Christmas Tree


2. Norway Spruce Tree

Norway Spruce Christmas tree is the traditional British Christmas tree. The bright green Norway Spruce has a lovely scent.

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Norway spruce for Christmas Tree

3. Nordmann Fir Tree

Nordmann fir tree is the biggest selling Christmas tree in the UK.

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Nordmann Fir for Christmas Tree

4. Blue Spruce Tree

Blue spruce tree has narrow cone shape, symmetrical form, and signature silvery blue needles. Their moderately spaced branches are perfect for filling with ornaments.

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Blue spruce for Christmas Tree

5. Scots Pine Tree

Scotch pine is the earliest Christmas trees and this tree continues to be a popular choice in today.

Scots pine for Christmas Tree


6. Douglas Fir Tree

Douglas Fir Tree has strong branches that can hold even the heaviest of presidential ornaments. It’s no surprise that Douglas firs can be found in the White House.

Douglas fir for Christmas Tree

7. Lodgepole Pine Tree

Lodgepole Pine Tree is native to the US.

Lodgepole pine for Christmas Tree

8. Noble Fir Tree

Noble Fir Tree is another good Christmas tree for hanging ornaments.

Noble fir for Christmas Tree

9. Serbian Spruce Tree

Serbian spruce for Christmas Tree