Women’s Luxury Headphone by Molami

Molami is the brainchild of industrial designer Maria von Euler. The story of Molami is like the brand itself, one that involves no compromises. From the tailored silhouette of each model down to the braided textile-wrapped cords and discreet accents plated in gold and silver, here, we are showcasing the Pleat: a headphone that complements the bone structure of the face – framing your look…


womens-luxury-headphone-by-molami-1 womens-luxury-headphone-by-molami-2 womens-luxury-headphone-by-molami-3 womens-luxury-headphone-by-molami-4 womens-luxury-headphone-by-molami-6 womens-luxury-headphone-by-molami-7 womens-luxury-headphone-by-molami-8