45 Creative Wooden Business Cards

Here we are presenting a great collection of 45 creative and beautiful wooden business cards for your inspiration. There are many business cards used in different styles and materials. Wooden Business Cards are mostly make in walnut or cherry wood. In this post, we have selected 45 best wooden business card examples that would help you in getting ideas and inspiration. If you like these wooden business cards collection you might also want to check out our previous posts below.


Laser Cut Business Cards


Northern Fable


Big John Mahoney Printed Business Card


Wood Laser Business Cards


Wooden Business Card


Nissiwood Veneers


Wooden Business Cards


Laser cut wooden business cards






Walts Wood Works


Wooden Business Card


Mike James


Charles Perron


Courtney Danforth


Courtney Danforth


Fifth Floor Gallery


Giorgio Parise


James Jack


Morgan Seibert Wooden Business Card


Carabiner Outdoor Connections




FD Wooden Business Cards


Wooden Business Card


Pearl Lee Q


Norburn Model Aircraft Supply


Derek Powazek Minimal Wood Business Cards


Craftsman’s Business Card

24-Craftsman Business-Card



1scale1 Stick Figure Wood Business Cards


Green Washer Business Card


Cinch Creative






Brent Clowater


Cody Maple ‘Maple Wood’




Christmas Themed Card


Whiskey Design’s Wood Business Card


Whiskey Designs Wood Business Card


Wood Business Cards


Chipboard Letterpress


Studio Mingus


Ateefolio Business Card


Murillo Design


Wood Fire Woodie Business Cards


Madrone Business Cards


Letter pressed Business Card Printed on Wood